“So I Write”: Poems by Larry Turner

September 30, 2014 • Culture • Views: 924

Words by: Larry Turner


Did you ever draw a blank on a canvas?


A masterpiece!












I’ve been told that my speech is naturally poetic, so consider this a conversation rather than a collection of words with crushes on each other.






Hello, my name is Larry (not Lawrence) Evan Turner, I like to be called Osiris.

I think a lot and speak a little, I enjoy the cello but not the fiddle.

You may notice that love is a reoccurring theme in my… conversations.

I’ve noticed that love is a reoccurring theme in my life.

I have a brother, he is 4 years old right now and he is my best friend. He’s fucking brilliant, he listens and learns like a college student should and when he fails he doesn’t crash and burn like a college student would. And he doesn’t drink and burn like a college student could. His head is HUGE, but so was Einstein’s.


When Adolf Hitler was a child, he wanted to be an artist but his father wouldn’t let him attend art school. Imagine if he grew up to lead an army of beauty-thirsty artists armed with charcoal and water-colors, set out to massacre the terrifying mundanity of a blank canvas.

Imagine it.

And then Mein Kampf got boring.

Define literature. It’s worthless if it’s not relevant.

Wait… Define poetry.

I believe we define most things. Not a professor.

As in, professors do not define most things. Also, we do not define a professor.

Unless a professor’s worth is determined by a student’s success and not the other way around. Then worth would be determined by what is taught. But teaching is NOTHING without learning. Well aren’t I a walking contradiction? My mom used to tell me “you’re special, just like everybody else”.


I like to leave invisible poems in my puzzles.


Apparently Socrates said some things that were philosophically revolutionary.




When you digest food for thought, what does it smell like when it comes out?


A penny for a thought is a fantastic deal. Nobody could beat those prices!

Except for a homeless person.


In the spirit of your last click, I’ll start rhyming soon.


I would kill a man if I didn’t believe the world would do it for me.

Day dreams make the earth go ’round, but that’s a different story.


Maybe man created God but that doesn’t make God any less real.

What made me believe? “God is love”. That’s a concept I feel.


The hardest thing to do is forgive what God does.

The easiest thing to do is forget what love was.



The meaning of life is subjective but please exist for a reason.

That’s really my only request.


A great poet once said “I could build a city out of my writer’s blocks”… I feel you, Rio.

The only questions I ask begin with “why” because that’s how I get to understand you.


A friend told me that, from what she could tell, I’ve always been in love. I’m very pleased to hear that that’s how I seem.


Here is a statistic that I made up: Every human feels exactly 18,000,000 emotions in their lifetime. Why waste any of those regretting something or hating someone?



I’m no prophet but I’m rich in terms of profit seeing as I what I find on a mind; I study, store, and box it. Then it grows out my head so I don’t cut it I just lock it. And my life is represented by a crown on a heart in some hands, I gave it to my girl and she wears it like a locket. My heart is in her hands she said “baby I won’t drop it”. When we kiss time gets mad cuz I told him “homie, stop it”.


I went to this party once, a girl who was very inebriated asked me “What’s your favorite animal?”. Obviously my answer was “a dragon”.


Counting all my profit, I only hope that I can use it… Mama gave me some of it and I hope I never lose it. Or even worse, abuse it. On nights when I can’t find it, ashamed to say sometimes I booze it. But then I come back and help my people, I Carlos Booz it.



A great writer knows when to stop.



Love is Music is Love.


All of this has meaning to me,

I hope any of it has meaning to you.


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