Being Gay in A Small Town: The Things I Miss the Most

November 25, 2014 • Culture, N. America • Views: 582

By Anon

When I say we live in small town, I’m not kidding.  Let me relate a few “facts:”

1. There are 2.5 gas stations, and there are more churches than bars; there are 2 bars.

2.  There are 4 places you can sit down and eat –

     a.   Diner which serves breakfast and dinner (great homemade yeast rolls)

     b.  “Mexican” restaurant (read: overpriced American interpretation of what is served south of the border which is not enhanced by weekend karaoke)

3.  There is a stoplight, and there are train tracks.

4. There is a grocery store with a loose affiliation to a regional chain; it smells funny, and features flickering flourescent lights, wilted produce, and a surly staff with meth-mouth.  Oh, and sometimes, the bag-boy makes out with the check-out girl at the cashier stand.

Things I Miss the Most

I miss

a gathering

of people who may

not love and live the same

way I was raised whose ideas come

from farther than 20  miles down the road

and whose skin and language may not look and

taste like wonderbread – white and without nutrition.

I miss

the “family”

of those who say that

god is love but call me/mine

an abomination and make others fear

to embrace me despite my heart of light and

whose dark words and thoughts and threats cause me

to sacrifice myself myself and therefore others and

therefore the truth because MY cost TO love is greater than the cost

they assign to their precious wonderbread – white and without nutrition.

I miss

the promise

of a rainbow because

it only means that god saved

the earth for another flood perhaps

of blood and I do not see the flag let alone pride

I miss

holding your

hand when we walk

anywhere in public and

kissing you in the light of day

anywhere but our home and NOT thinking

about whether the shades are drawn at night before

I draw your body to to mine as if I want to dance or devour

I miss

what others

take for granted

every goddamn day

just because they make a

steady diet of the motherfucking

wonderbread of the body of christ washed

down with blood – red and white and without nutrition.

Just add the blue ‘cuz that’s what we eat in ass-fuckin’ nowhere.