The Liberal Democrat Option: A short profile of David Digby Rendel

December 15, 2014 • Chuck News • Views: 1168

Name: David Digby Rendel

Age: 65

Education: Eton College, Oxford Magdalen College


Notable Fact: Was shadow Minister of Higher Education 2004-05.

Because David Rendel has already been an MP (Newbury) we can have a direct look at what he voted for and against in Parliament, to get an idea of how he might represent Somerton and Frome if elected.  Below are three  preferences we think local voters will find interesting, and if you want to see the former MP’s votes just click here.

  1. Voted Strongly in favour of the Hunting Ban
  2. Voted to Reduce voting age from 18 to 16
  3. Voted Against Free Schools

What the Internet says about him:

  • He is extremely happy that the A303 has been made bigger and, in general, seems to like building roads. When he was the MP for Newbury he campaigned for the controversial Newbury bypass in the early nineties, which is probably where you remember seeing all of those protesters living in trees when you were little, broadcasted live on the news by a soaking wet reporter.
  • At that time the Green Prospective MP, Theo Simon, was down the road in Leamington Spa singing at a fundraiser to support the protests, along with his wife. They raised £30.
  • The two candidates do have their similarities though. Both have campaigned against Nuclear Power. However, unlike Mr Simon, Mr Rendel once worked for Shell  Oil, British Gas and Esso, according to


Voters can expect a politician who is concerned with his constituency and who is prepared to disagree with party policy if it means supporting local needs. The majority of Newbury residents were in favour of the bypass, while many Lib Dems were naturally against it.

  •  Despite the aforementioned “salmon against the current ” attitude, Mr Rendel is a strong advocate of the Liberal Democrat identity (Last seen in 2010). He was the only federal executive to vote against the coalition and once even stood to lead the party. He eventually lost to Charles Kennedy, a self confessed alcoholic.







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