The Conservative Option: A short profile of David Warburton

December 18, 2014 • Chuck News • Views: 1328

Name: David  Warburton

Age: 47

Education: Reading School, Royal College of Music


Interesting Fact: Has composed music performed at the Royal Opera House.

David Warburton was selected as the Tory representative at a difficult time in 2013 as local party members argued explosively about David Cameron’s decision to back Gay Marriage. This all came after the local party chairman, Edmund Costelloe, resigned because he thought gay marriage was, among other things, an ‘attack on marriage’ and ‘against family values.’ Warburton was finally given the nod ahead of Ivan Massow, a gay businessman who decided to run against him.

Since then Warburton has moved on to campaign extensively for the Somerton and Frome seat.

Interestingly, he holds an opposing view on the coalition government to David Rendel, the Liberal Democrat prospective MP for Somerton and Frome, who voted against it.  Warburton has said that he believes a coalition can work, and that the current government has done what it has had to do since 2010.

Both politicians campaigned for the expansion of the A303 and both succeeded when major development funds were promised by the Chancellor George Osborne in his Autumn statement.

What else is he interested in?

  • Marched in Wincanton protesting against over-development in the town
  • Campaigning for lower tax rates and VAT for pub owners
  • Wants to get 50 young people into apprenticeships in 50 days next year

Warburton might just like the idea of paying less for a pint in his local pub, and maybe he sees the apprenticeship campaign as a good way to attract younger voters to a stagnating political party. Looking back on his personal history, though, you find an ex-teacher and successful businessman who can probably afford to get a round in and has experience working with young people.

It is hard to know exactly what to expect because he is fairly new to politics, however the internet is suggesting a broadly educated, intelligent businessman who is keen to increase local commerce.

Saying that, Tony Blair was a lovable wannabe rockstar until he became an alleged war criminal. With this in mind, Chucktown will interview the prospective Conservative MP next year to gauge better exactly what he has in mind for Somerton and Frome.

The one definite thing we know about him right now is that he loves wearing a Gilet.

  • Celebratory Gilet
  • Stone Wall Gilet
  • Indoor Gilet
  • Bus Gilet
  • Table Gilet
  • Pint of Gilet
  • Gilet Planning
  • Middle Distance Gilet
  • Arm on Railing Gilet


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