The Green Option: a short profile of Theo Simon

January 6, 2015 • Chuck News • Views: 2349

Name: Theo Simon

Age: 56

Education: Vallis First School, Frome. Dartington College, Devon.


Notable Fact: Long standing member of Seize the Day, a popular folk band famous for its environmentalist campaigns.

What the Internet says about him:

It’s quite difficult to know exactly where to start with Theo Simon, so let’s concentrate first on this 2012 correspondence with TheGuardian’s environmentalist writer George Monboit.

Monboit attempts to deter the Somerton and Frome Green PPC  from campaigning against the expansion of Hinkley point Nuclear power station. The response from Simon is comprehensive not simply in its argument against Nuclear power but also in its ear-to-the-floor, ground level understanding of the whole situation. He cites corporate-leaning lawmakers, effects on the local environment and a planning process void of any independent scrutiny.

In short, the letters show a man of solid foundation who is willing to get the facts on the ground rather than just the figures on the paper.  How solid that foundation is, though, will be questioned in the run up to May’s General Election.


Here are three points likely to test voter confidence

  • Some will wonder how a man who admits to taking psychedelic drugs, albeit in the past, can properly represent the area.
  • His ideas about the money-system enslaving us will turn off business voters and some will criticise it as a juvenile understanding of today’s economy.
  • In the list cheese factory worker, production worker, and singer/songwriter, Theo Simon doesn’t seem to have had a career job at any time in his life.

The aforementioned statements come from information most other Prospective MP’s would have attempted to delete from the internet months ago. Mr Simon, however, seems to be breaking the mold in that he is prepared to show the electorate exactly who he is.

This could turn out to be a huge positive considering many voters are tired of grey-suited, faceless men lying to them, pretending to be in touch with the common man but fundamentally having more interest in the £67,000 basic wage, alongside huge expenses, allowed to them when elected.

It is well worth noting, then, that the Green party PPC for Somerton and Frome has recently pledged, if elected, to only accept the wage of an average skilled worker, with the rest of that £67,000 being put into local projects. His honest election campaign has already proved popular, with more than £3,000 raised through an online crowdfunding effort supporting his run for office.

As of now we have Mr Simon second favourite behind Tory candidate David Warburton.







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