Bristol City GIFS: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

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October 5, 2017 • football, Sport • Views: 102

Bristol City have caught the eye this season with an unexpectedly good start. which  sees them in the promotion places as we enter into the football purgatory that is the international break.

However, Lee Johnson’s boys have started getting a lot of attention off the pitch as well, thanks to some pretty genius work by the club’s social media team.

Each time the Robins score, a GIF of that player flashes up on the BCFCTweets account.

This inspired but ultimately old school campaign is being lauded as veritably ‘new age futuristic’ by grey haired football pundits unsure if it’s “ruining the game,” or potentially “bringing football into the 21st century.” The Gif was invented in the 20th century, by the way.

But then this is an industry that’s head organisation has had to sack it’s two most recent national team managers for alleged racism, sexual misdemeanors and bung taking respectively.

Our view on it is simple. It’s funny and about time England’s footballers started to take themselves a bit less seriously.

The Good

The Bad


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