England vs Slovenia: 5 things we learnt

October 6, 2017 • football, Sport, UK • Views: 257

Yesterday, England played Slovenia in their penultimate World Cup Qualifying game. England winning meant they would automatically qualify for the World Cup in Russia next June.

If England were to draw, they would have been relying on Slovakia to draw with Scotland to automatically qualify. That didn’t happen. Scotland took their chances and have now jumped up to second in Group F.

After a dull affair last night, England WILL be heading to Russia next year. They scraped by with a 1-0 victory, in which, Harry Kane netted a 94th minute winner.

Let’s look at 5 things I took from the game

Trip To Russia Anyone?!

M.M.A. gloves at the ready. It’s time to book flights for Russia. With the players doing their part, it’s now time for the English fans to descend upon the Russian streets.

Although there was trouble in France at the Euros, I’m still expecting a huge following as always, to cheer on the boys and have a laugh/brawl with chairs.

Captain Who?

There has been talk about who Gareth Southgate’s permanent Captain for the Three Lions will be. I think it is still very much up for debate. Kane has it temporarily (I’m just glad Henderson hasn’t got it now the useless c*nt).

In my opinion they need a strong defender or midfielder to take the reins. Leaders such as John Terry or Steven Gerrard have been effective in the past.

There is a clear lack of a leadership in this current England squad, could it be youth? Yes. Or could it be that footballers these days aren’t interested in leading their country? Most Likely.

The Unforced Errors

One thing that was especially noticeable in the first half, was the silly amounts of unforced errors. Admittedly Slovenia closed down well in the first half. However, even when they didn’t close down, England would make silly mistakes. I feel there’s a huge amount of improvement needed in future games.

What if they were playing Germany or Brazil? (England play both in the next international break). Either of those sides would slice us apart like a lemon drizzle. Let’s just hope there are some quick changes or us fans will suffer.

The Empty Seats

Another thing I noticed was the amount of empty seats there were last night at Wembley. Even though they supposedly made the pricing of tickets cheaper in certain sections, they still didn’t sell. This clearly shows the lack of willingness to go and watch England at Wembley from the fans.

Who can blame them though? A shit atmosphere and hugely overpriced, you can see why fans would rather put their money elsewhere. In my opinion I think England should go back to what they did while the new Wembley stadium was being constructed. They would travel around the country from Newcastle to Plymouth playing at the best stadiums this country has to offer.

Each game allowed people from the local areas to see their favourite players in big international games. Now it is more suited for London locals who would rather watch it at home.

The Distractions

Look, we know it was an awful performance as more people are talking about the off field antics than the game.

Most notably, a hero from the crowd threw a paper aeroplane into the nets of Wembley. This received a huge cheer from the crowd. More so than any of the action previous.

Excellent shot to be fair. Plenty in the tank. 

There was a ridiculously bad attempt at running on to the field later in the game. Initially, my excitement swelled at the thought of a streaker. Alas it wasn’t to be and the runner was fully clothed. Even though it was terrible, it was still more interesting than England’s performance.

What Next?

England qualifiers come to an end this Sunday. The last qualifier being away at Lithuania. There will then be two home ties in matches against Germany and Brazil during the November International Break. We find out England’s World Cup fate in December, when the draw is made for the groups. Please give us someone crap, so we at least have some pride. 

By Brad Carr @madbradmma

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