Do You Still Love Me? 10 Ways To Ignite The Flame

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Words by: Rumena Sufian

Do You Still Love Me?

A question many of us ask of our partners, if not out loud. All people are insecure and we sometimes need to feel the connection we once had with a partner. Love and affection don’t go hand in hand, but should they?

According to The Office of National Statistics divorce rates in England and Wales have increased for the first time this decade. A worrying statistic when the rate has already been so high. The excitement that radiates from a new relationship can make you feel like a “love-struck” teenager. It can unfortunately slowly start to evaporate. It leaves you wondering is this the end of the road for me and my partner?

However it’s not all doom and gloom as there are ways in which you can keep your relationship alive.

10 ways in which you can keep your relationship alive…


Back To Basics


The traditional method of “courting” is always a great way to bring back the “new” in your relationship. Try reminiscing together about how you first met, and what attracted you to each other. Share the good memories and encourage each other to keep reminding yourselves why you are together.

Element Of Surprise


From time to time look at ways in which you can surprise one and other, action any likes and dislikes and make it happen. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or something simple as just coming home early from work, it should work wonders.

Date Night/Movie Night


Arrange the occasional night in or night out where it is just about the two of you. Maybe watch an old classic film or watch something new at the cinemas, it is always fun just hanging out.

Watching a movie together is the best way to snuggle down and be relaxed. It should have you cuddling like teenagers in no time.

Food Of Love


The famous saying is ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. I think we all know it’s true ladies, so why not put it to the test?

Spend time preparing and cooking your favourite meal, not only will you be sharing quality time together but you will also find you could be fulfilling another a hobby together.

Long Term Goal Planning


Try to focus on the future by creating goals you can work on together as a couple. It could be a financial goal, such as saving money for a new home/first home. Or are you saving for a lavish holiday?

The more you plan towards fulfilling these goals the more it can help you feel like a team and it can give you an ultimate satisfaction when you have achieved these goals together!

Break From The Routine


Participating in new activities together can strengthen your relationship as you are breaking away from your normal day to day routine. All couples have a routine, which usually consists of professional and domestic chores, especially if there are children involved. Why not involve the children and make it a family affair? A willingness to learn something new can help you grow as a couple.

It could be only a small thing such as a cooking class, but it will ignite the creative spark in you both. That can only be a good thing for you both.

Presents Or Presence?


Sometimes in a strained and over tired relationship we just want our partners to be there. Knowing they are here for you in times of need is always special and leaves a sense of a warm feeling in your heart.

It may be after a difficult day at work, a grievance or simply because you don’t want to spend another night in on your own. Birthdays, anniversaries and possibly cultural events should always be remembered. Show your partner how much you care by giving special presents. The presents do not need to be costly but sometimes it literally is the thought that counts!

Is This A Guessing Game?


‘Ultimately the bond of all companionship whether in marriage or friendship, is conversation.’ – Oscar Wilde

Silence and ignorance can cause a huge amount of damage in a relationship. Start to ask meaningful questions such as ‘how was your day today?’ ‘what shall we eat for dinner tonight?’.

There needs to be an element of communication throughout the day if possible, maybe even some romantic txt messages? It may not seem romantic due to the platform you are using, but this is a new age and romance needs to evolve too!

Without a conversation you will just never really know what’s on each other’s minds!

Dress To Impress


A simple fashion change can make a huge difference. Life can get ahead of you and before you know it you can be stuck in a rut of same old same old.

The simplest of makeover can make yourself feel and look confident. This can only have a positive impact on your relationship as your partner will be reminded that you are not just the joggers type!

Sometimes a change can be a good thing!

Express Yourself


Often you can find yourself drowned with everyday life such as work, children, family, financial woes and health issues. You might forget to ask or say the most simple words, ‘I love you’, ‘ can’t wait to see you later’ and ‘I miss you’.

These are simple expressions and not hard to say. Many of us are guilty however of simply “forgetting” to say those simple three words!

Make sure your partner knows how you feel. Never shy away from words that express how you feel. It could make or break you as a couple.

There is a cost to pretty much everything in life. Items such as a carrier bags even cost us now, but there is one thing in life that is totally and absolutely free. Something which we tend to take for granted is our feelings and how we portray these feelings can either make us or break us.

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