Savouring the Sweet Brunch at Bakers and Co

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Words By: RC Owen

We shuffle down into the corridor of a seating area, looking for the best brunch in Bristol, tucking ourselves into a green plant that might be edible. “Is it edible?”

“Don’t think so,” the waitress says. “Everything on these menus is though.”

Brunch is full of slightly healthy and very healthy dishes. We start with water, a flat white and some beetroot juice.

The juice is refreshing to the point of forgetting what thirst even is.

It is Skywalkian, heroically purple and actively seeking to kill hangovers, stalking them further down the road to Stokes Croft and beyond. Far far aw-ok too much.

The restaurant itself is a corridor, with neatly placed tables leaving a single file line running from a coffee bar at the top to the kitchen at the end. In the roof sound defenders defend against sound.

And then came the Sourdough Grilled Cheese.

They bake the bread themselves, fill it with three cheeses and then toast it sticky together.  You dip it into homemade ketchup which, like the place in general, is well done and avoids being as pretentious as it could be.

Unlike the man sat behind us, who decided to lament his failings as a musician with a constant cadence of “I just haven’t had my break.”

Luckily, the Huevos Rancheros and Breakfast Toast broke our fast and his noise. Two duck eggs floating on a healthy sea of refried beans sat next to a plate of doorstep sweet American French Toast.

A table of sugar, salt and other well placed contradictions.

By now it’s moving into the afternoon. The waitress, who was excellent, brings two more bright cups of warm life, and we slowly move less cold blooded back into the hungover drizzle. Back onto the street and heading to St Nicholas market, I have a craving for more of the the apple sauce on that plate of toast. Like the failed musician, was perfectly bitter.

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Bakers and Co

193 Gloucester Road, BS7 8BG

Open Weekdays 8am-5pm

Saturday 9am-6pm

Sundays 10am-4pm

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