Kingsman Two: The Golden Circle Review

November 6, 2017 • Culture, Featured, Opinion • Views: 188

Words by Lizzie Derry

The Kingsman – Golden Circle

Ridiculous, Entertaining And Just What You Expected.


This week I wandered down to the enigmatic Avonmead Showcase cinema and decided to have the night off from excellent viewing. Instead I opted to sell my soul and have a night of balls out of the bath action.

Where to begin though? Two names – Elton and John. To be brutally honest, I never liked Elton. He just seemed like a bit of a bitch who vaguely redeemed himself with charity work.

However, after seeing this movie, I have a new found love for the man. His comic delivery and misery, are conveyed with brilliance. His sad little pudgy bear face and flamboyance make for some of the best laughs in the movie.

I’m struggling not to write this whole review about my surprising new feelings for Elton. However that would be a) a boring review and b) fail to bring the film the recognition it deserves.

There’s no getting away from it, the plot is bizarre. As in, was Matthew Vaughn even compos mentis when coming up with it? Which would have been delightfully ironic given the premise.

Who? What? Where? When?


For the villain, we have Julianne Moore as the pernicious and unlikely drug lord. She has released a deadly set of recreational pills into the world and as you guessed, only she has the antidote.

This antidote is offered as a trade to the US President if he agrees to end the country’s war on drugs. Her headquarters consist of an all American, kitsch diner in deepest Cambodia (why not?) and she works the MILF look to perfection.

Coming to the salvation of the people, we have the indomitable Taron Egerton, Colin Firth and Mark Strong. Of course they bring the quintessential British flair to the movie – without which the franchise would be non-existent.

‘Eggsy’, the star of the show, does well to advance the story. All whilst keeping a toe firmly planted in his cockney roots, reminding us of his journey from rags to Rolex.

Finally, completing the mix we have the ‘Statesman’. They provide aid to the Kingsman in typically depth-lacking, ‘gung-ho’ American style. We would expect nothing less. 

A special mention goes out to Colin Firth who is particularly delightful during his period of amnesia. He is plagued by fanciful butterflies who torment his shattered mind (again, even after seeing the movie, this will make no sense, but it’s fun).

Perhaps much like Elton, this is more of a personal bias. Who doesn’t love a bit of the deadpan Colin? Many people believe him to be very handsome, but can’t often articulate why…

Ridiculous Is, As Ridiculous Does


I really like this movie, because much like the first, it’s ridiculous and it knows it’s ridiculous. Despite this, it still manages to explore some interesting themes.

We have the quips at the current US president portrayed by Bruce Greenwood. As you’d expect from a President, he has zero regard for the desires of his people and gets off on an unhappy, divided society.

Secondary villain Brucey comes up with a counter to trump Julianne’s malevolent plan, which is soon thwarted by our movie heroes.

Then there is the acknowledgement that people who do drugs are driven by a plethora of motives and should not be pigeonholed as a single, collective drain on society.

Then finally, my personal favourite point delivered by the lovely Julianne, is the acknowledgement that alcohol is indeed also a drug. I know right, this film is DEEP.

Ignore The Snobbery


So personally, I would advise you to ignore the Guardian reviews, written by a clearly very miserable individual who gave the film 1 star – citing her reasons as ‘the film ignores the basic rules of physics’ and has a ‘particularly unsavoury attitude to violence’ (which, if this bothers you, will prevent you from enjoying a very large proportion of modern cinema).

Indeed she is correct in her assertions, but let’s just forget about all that and enjoy a movie which will probably be largely what you expect for the first Kingsman sequel – a few entertaining hours of respite from the monotony of human life.

I give it 68% – at least 40% of which is attributed to Elton. Enjoy!

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