Bristol MTB Rider hits the World’s Biggest Rollin Tower !

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November 15, 2017 • Africa, Chuck News, Sport • Views: 120

Bristol-based MTB rider Monet Adams dropped in off the World’s Biggest Roll-In Tower earlier this year. That’s an almost vertical drop of 67 ft, which is about the length of two and a half double decker buses. Yeah, we know.

Darkfest Chucktown Magaizine

Darkfest is part of a Mountain Bike Series that went over to South Africa earlier this year. It’s a more relaxed version of major events, where riders compete but ultimately support each other riding some of the world’s craziest jumps. Sponsored, in part, by Monster Energy.

In fact, we were there when she did it, over in South Africa during the Darkfest Series. (Video)

It looked terrifying then and still does now! Luckily, Scott Sports has put together a video documenting Monet’s trip, including the crazy drop in and some awesome footage of the trails and beauty of that amazing country.

Video by Scott Sports 

This was all part of the Darkfest Series headed up by England’s very own Sam Reynolds, one of the top MTB riders in the world.

“I had told Sam and some of the other guys that I would do it,” Rose said. “So I didn’t rally have an option in the end. There was the point that I just really wanted to do it as well.”

For more footage and pictures follow her Instagram below.

Monet Rose Adams

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